About the artist

Classically trained artist from Belgium, Florence Duchateau captures with humour and sensibility the romantic comedy of everyday life through the moods and unfiltered thoughts of her cheeky, flirty, frivolous, liberated, epicurean and slightly wacky signature character, who - much like her creator - is a huge fan of bubbles and red wine and is known to leave red lipstick marks on her glass.

Florence comes from a family of artists. As a child and teenager, she spent her free time painting with her grandmother and her uncle. Her style is fresh and recognisable, her art unpretentious and accessible.

In addition to illustrating her heroine's fortunes and misfortunes, Florence specialises in bespoke art, recreating in paintings the precious memories of her clients, the missing pictures, or by composing for them imaginary scenes, completely tailor-made.

This year saw the start of an exciting commercial collaboration with a Belgian wine merchant and her brand of accessories for wine and champagne.

After her youth in Belgium followed by 18 years in London, Florence currently lives in Sweden with her Swedish husband, their 12-year-old son and a little sausage dog.

The team

"My grandmother was an aquarelle artist. In my youth, I used to paint with her every day after school. She shared her passion and let me in on her little tricks. Her name was Marianne Duchâteau. She loved to paint the verdant green meadows and valleys of the Belgian Ardenne. It was all so green, she'd say, that she would always add an imaginary little touch of red (a red apple in a tree, a red flower in a bush,...). I think of her every time I paint my little character's lips bright red. It's my own 'touch of red', my little tribute to Bonne-Maman."

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